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Four pain points, seven cabinet dealer outlet size up the situation and development

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Today, with the cabinet increasingly fierce market competition, the industry reshuffle gradually increased, there has been strong Hengqiang situation. Survival of the fittest in the trend, more and more dealers complain that difficult to do business. For cabinet dealers, in order to remain invincible in the fierce competition in the market must master survival skills, and clear industry pain points is essential.
Four pain points, seven cabinet dealer outlet size up the situation and development
Cabinet industry has experienced four major pain points
1, the homogenization of competition. China cabinet market has not been a lack of things to follow suit, which is a direct result of a number of successful companies successful products in the market life cycle becomes shorter and eventually no benefit.
2, channel barriers prominent. As we all know, many of the core area of the city basically occupied the major domestic and foreign brands. Agents want an ordinary cabinet brand accounted for a slightly better position and even admission, have to face many difficulties.
3, cabinet enterprises serious internal friction. At this stage, China's large and small stores emerged rapidly expanding trend, a second and third tier cities basically have a 5-10 store, at the stage of the overall oversupply; and store in very much the same cabinet brand, resulting in a region resources internal friction is very serious.
4, the investment cost is too high. Despite the cost of the purchase of the product did not say, only the renovation investment is very expensive and decorative life cycle is short, you have to reinstall the basic two years; and some cabinet brands with product changes, forcing the dealer to replace the passive decoration , resulting in a waste of resources.
Since 2014, Cabinet insiders talk about "transformation" argument "change" increased significantly, in a sense, this is the market Forced behavior. That way dealers choose where is child?
Seven outlets for cabinet dealers and development
1, the original lead the industry. Original is always invincible magic weapon for winning the competition in the market, even though many companies have their own design strength, but often can not achieve "- Culture - Life," the perfect integration, so that the majority of cabinet products lack distinctive features, Unable to stand out from the "thousands of people side", also not been able to turn the wheel, pulled from the homogenization of vicious competition. Thus, to create an original brand is the key to success.
2, determine the future of culture. Human nature demands reflected in the spiritual needs and material needs of both, when material needs are met, the spiritual needs will inevitably dominate. At present, whether domestic or foreign, to culture as the core of the economy is the rapid development of cultural industries, contains culture, meet people enjoy the spirit of popular products; therefore, a high cultural value, to highlight the cultural taste of the future cabinet products marketing trend.
3, customized lockdown advantage. To meet the individual needs of customers has been reflected in the strength of enterprises, but also an important means to enhance the brand and customer stickiness. 70, 80, 90, after the cabinet has become the main consumer unquestionable, reduce brand loyalty, individual needs upgrading, not only concerned about a rational function of the product, the more the pursuit of brand sensibility brings wisdom and values fit. If you can extend around the consumer requires appropriate products and services to enhance the introduction of personalized custom service, will get more value from individual consumers to achieve.
4, sales model innovation. Experiential marketing is currently the best marketing model, in today's information age, the consumer price of the product, material, etc. can not only shop around, shop around the country have become a reality, even irresponsible remarks on the salesman ; self-awareness as consumers become increasingly prominent, the real decision they often choose to purchase the product in-depth experience and understanding. Thus, the consumer sensory experience as a breakthrough, the introduction of the depth of experiential marketing, not only can reduce the traditional bargain sale tug of war, but also increase customer goodwill store.
5, mash-up operations. Cross-border business can not only break with tradition, to achieve the integration of resources, but also to complement each other, so that the dislocation of marketing, often receive unexpected results.
6, cost-effective investment. In the case of the overall economic situation downturn, input-output ratio is an important consideration basis. A good cabinet brands easily hundreds of thousands on decorating the cabinet industry is the norm, and decorative use a shorter cycle, plus the normal distribution in the cost of a store down the cost of millions is a very common phenomenon, not said to be a need to spend thousands of yuan original brand; plus similar products, intense competition imitation goods, greatly reducing profit margins, return on investment is very limited. So, how to choose a small investment, less duplication of investment and high return products each dealer must find ways to reach a choice.
7, rigid demand is stable. China, after all, has thousands of years of cultural heritage of the country, many of the traditional aesthetic characteristics and consumption habits are flowing in the blood from generation to generation, even if some of the fashion people modern culture to a certain level, will still return to the traditional culture taste them; therefore, traditional Chinese culture is the preferred cabinet products not only enhance the quality of life of the wealthy middle class, and often a longer life cycle, it can not easily be eliminated.
China's cabinet industry in the development process destined to glory and "chaos" coexistence, which is the industry in the development process must experience "labor pains." In this process, cabinet dealers only clear industry pain points and identify the way to the future in order to seek a more long-term development.



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