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By custom cabinetry seize single market auto shop refused to do "paper tiger"

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In the moment, 80,90 consumers gradually become the main force in the cabinet market consumption. For them, personalized custom cabinetry products better access to their favor. More and more companies and distributors fancy cabinet this opportunity, have a custom development effort. However, with respect to customize the finished product, with respect to companies and distributors in the sale, after-sales service requirements are higher, which requires companies to master the correct way to seize the market.

First, create a good product experience

With the development of the times, Hall renovation will be gradually to "WYSIWYG" transition. Hall renovation in terminal performance that is the actual size as the basis for the design model shows that to see every show is actually a kind of cabinet units go to the simulation.In this hall, the consumers feel closer to the true custom cabinetry. Sales WYSIWYG concept through simulation hall-like cabinet custom cabinetry show quickly get the owner's identity, closer to the real decoration effect, see the template can be directly bought to cover its sales with predictable results.

Second, a single store refused to do "paper tiger"

Custom cabinetry brands during coming national market investment process, we must pay attention to shift from emphasis on speed of single-store profitability. Nowadays custom cabinets are single-store operation capability is not ideal, so a number of industry-recognized "paper tiger", looks very strong, but in reality the difference between single-store profitability, the national market mess, no key markets, market structure that break a strike. Part of a strong regional brand will gradually decline, and some will continue at a strong market leader.Since the foundation is solid, and will continue to establish itself in the market advantages of core competence, such custom cabinetry brand successful model of a single shop requires high investment slow, but better able to grasp every new store, one after the input mode, before entering the local market in many regions will be able to enter the local sales of 3 months, showed a strong development potential.

Third, improve the overall quality of the staff shop

Many dealers and manufacturers custom cabinetry think stores have a strong shopping guide will be able to seize a large number of orders, along with custom cabinetry brand product homogeneity serious, competitive product itself gradually weakened, shopping guide at the time to explain the products are often custom cabinets We found that a year two years ago to explain the routine now been completely unable to quickly get orders. Because the basic similarity of consumers in other stores have heard, so completely lost the need to "listen to" This problem also occurs in many mature industries.

Therefore, companies must focus on improving the quality of the cabinet clerk. By lifting the overall service, first-class staff and efficient management team to build their own core competitiveness shop, only to build their own core competitiveness in order to make the store forever young, to achieve sustainable development. Through incentives to improve the combat effectiveness of the team, accurate docking information through regular meetings, timely communication, enhance the overall quality of the store through training, then get the common progress of the company and employees. Custom cabinets currently shaping the industry's soft power is substantially lacking, a large number of stores has been emphasis on hard power and soft power unhelpful in shape, in the next period of time, network construction must complete custom cabinetry brand investment a lot of effort to improve the overall competitiveness of dealers and stores, the brand has established the first School of dealers, distributors thereby enhance the overall quality, to keep pace with the brand.

In the increasingly intense competition in the industry now, and customized for many businesses and investors a new way, in the custom of the road, not everyone can go smoothly. For dealers, custom cabinetry, you want to be successful, we need to master a set of effective store management rules, long-term development into energy.



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