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Around the kitchen renovation 9 Mistakes look at your home in the move yet?

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When kitchen renovation, the owners are not professionals, decoration fallible, misunderstand, this case how to do it?
  Kitchen Renovation
  TOP1: after renovation began considering buying cabinets
  Because the installation is one of the cabinets and kitchen renovation, so the kitchen and the living room and other different places, do not buy complete renovation after cabinet installation. The correct way is: the decoration cabinet manufacturers to make measurements, set the style cabinet models, interfaces and corresponding pipeline reservation space, and then renovated and finally entered the construction please cabinet manufacturers.
  Kitchen Renovation
  TOP2: the blind pursuit of open
  If you are a gourmet lunch like yourself, but ignored the shortcomings of the open kitchen, which was a problem. Just think, if full house filled with oily and spicy, I am afraid, "merry", not just the meal fun. For these friends, we suggested compromise, high-power range hoods and glass partition. Both transparent effect, and also eliminating the pain of soot.
  Kitchen Renovation
  TOP3: tiles just to look good, non-slip
  People have this idea probably will not personally clean the kitchen. If the tile surface uneven ground wipe wash, a long time, difficult to remove grease will be adhered to in the gap and micropores, thus affecting the clean and beautiful kitchen. Therefore, in the selection of such tiles, aluminum buckle ceiling, door art form, the surface should be flat, smooth and better.
Kitchen Renovation
  TOP4: range hoods from the stove as close as possible
  To enhance the function of range hoods, many people think the range hood from the stove as possible. In fact, the effective distance range hood is generally 80 cm to smoke in this range is almost the same effect. Therefore hoods can be based on this height to accommodate by the master. Hood height is usually about 80 centimeters, not too high or too low.
  Kitchen Renovation
  TOP5: Select the cabinet panel to ignore the inherent quality
In the selection panel, people tend to focus only on their surface appearance and performance, look at whether the outer surface of the waterproof, fireproof, no scratches, but they ignore the inner "heart" quality. Distinguish sheet density, the most direct way is to ask the sales staff to come up with panel model, closely observe whether the cross section between its particles. High-quality cabinetry panels are of high quality cabinets flag.
  Kitchen Renovation
  TOP6: the more useful for cabinets
  Some people fear the future kitchen storage space is not enough, they tend to choose the cabinet more cabinets. Cabinet is not the better choice, but should be reasonable and effective. Excessive cabinets not only takes up part of the activities in the area, make the kitchen look heavy and oppressive. The number of the cabinet should be based on their actual situation at home may be.
Kitchen Renovation
  TOP7: Hardware Accessories spend much dismay
In all kinds of furniture, cabinets should be regarded as the most frequently used. And hardware accessories will directly determine the quality and life of the cabinet. Therefore, when the custom cabinets, to save money and the use of poor quality products, a drastic approach. When choosing cabinets, you might first look at the brand of hardware it uses. If economic conditions permit, you can choose a higher price of high-end hardware products. The quality of the hardware is very important for the life of the cabinet.
Kitchen Renovation
  TOP8: single lighting source
  I believe you have had such a dilemma: far from the ceiling under the irradiation of wash rice, even widened, inevitably there are a few grains of rice, are slipping bad; sometimes, chopping board just under the hood in your shadow, vegetable I had one thinks of. Today, this "save electricity eye" way of lighting have become obsolete! Modern kitchen lighting design is divided into two levels, in addition to lighting the entire kitchen, washing area and console have additional lighting for cabinets. Such spotlights moderate light, easy to switch, let your eyes get liberated.
Kitchen Renovation
  TOP9: make every effort to housing
  Sometimes in order to show young concise, avant-garde style, then his best storage cabinets as possible, all the items will fall are "hiding" up. In fact, simplicity does not mean empty. Use stainless steel pendant and a separator methodically arranged, both make you operate handy, but also add a touch of life. Why not do it? Fitted kitchen pendant will facilitate your practical use.



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