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Cabinets Dealer survival distress to the Internet or straw

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Nowadays, with the development of Internet technology, more and more influenced by the Internet industry, the cabinet industry is no exception. For conventional cabinets dealers, in harsh living environment now, and use the Internet to do marketing model has been very urgent.
Dealer traditional business model bottlenecks
With the pressure on labor, rent and other aspects of growing, the traditional cabinet dealers increasingly difficult, especially dealers in the county, the township, the area is too small to show fewer products, less room for guests to choose from, if the increase Gallery hall is facing expansion brings rent, decoration, on a sample of expenditure.
"Kitchen cabinet business, Zuifan transfer of stock." A dealer said cabinet, guests an order, a lot of goods from the factory sent me, unlike online shopping courier logistics information can be updated, the cabinet was always staring at the logistics logistics line, from time to time to pick up the goods will ask the station is not, nor when guests called to ask if everything is still the most primitive way.
Cabinet industry 'Internet +' must be fused
  Today, relying on the Internet, you can achieve quantization sea products, varied use of the Internet technology that allows orders, payments, prices, performance assessment automation, so the county, township cabinet dealers to do business better. The Internet can also shorten the terminal between the auto manufacturer to distance, cut the middle channel, faiths, enhance their competitiveness. Future Internet field + cabinet must be fused cabinet electricity supplier definitely not to get rid of the traditional with the Internet, but with the integration of traditional cabinet dealers.
Traditional cabinet dealership experience can be added to the network
However, the county and township people's computer Internet penetration rate is not too high, many people do not use the computer, coupled with the cabinet industry on the material, color, details of production is relatively high, therefore, need professional experience network to solve this problem tens of millions of traditional cabinetry dealer store is just to assume this function.
  They can shop in their own building experience point for people to provide Internet access, operating environment, and in-store shopping guide professional staff can also help consumers better choice to understand the product, resource intensive online online quickly realize two-level building. In addition, under the county's cabinet dealership to join the cabinet's power line network experience, not only the loss of the original benefit, but can make use of the advantages of the cabinet electricity supplier to improve their competitiveness, from your peers to "grab" to a lot of extra business.



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