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90 after the main force of the top five consumer trends into cabinet companies need clarity

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With the development of the times, after 90 home consumers becoming mainstream consumer groups. Unlike after 60, 70, the individual needs of this part of the consumer is more obvious, and more like through online channels to purchase household products. Therefore, the cabinet business, only look at consumer trends of the moment, sufficient to meet consumer demand in this part of the enterprises to be able to promote long-term development.
90 into the main force of five consumer trend cabinet companies need clarity
Trend: mainly small residential units
"90" more positive consumer attitudes, a lot of "90" does not want to use too much deposit on the purchase of the ward, but to be able to maximize the use of existing area. With the popularity of multi-functional furniture and storage methods, small apartment became their first choice. While "90" fast-paced living conditions, choose a small size and easier to take care of the weekend to have more leisure time. In the selection of products on the cabinet, space-saving product would be able to maximize their favor.
Trends: the pursuit of simple style decoration
  Unlike after 60, 70 after love Chinese, European sculpture complex and flamboyant decoration type. "90" is more like a modern, minimalist decor, decorated with comfort as the first premise. With the flat style design community prevails, people's aesthetic has gradually presented to the texturing of miscellaneous go, home will be more simple and elegant glance. Specific to the cabinet industry, minimalist style cabinet products will naturally be more welcomed by them.
Three trends: online shopping into a major consumption
On your phone, computer to buy cosmetics, clothes, food, audio-visual products, books, and even cell phones, electronic components, computers, the network has become a "90" important place of consumption, although the traditional cabinet companies currently on the Internet channel layout is not very mature, but there are "90" has begun to slowly cabinet products to buy online, open cabinet business electricity supplier, development of micro letter, microblogging Internet online shopping mall formula + mode is desperately needed.
Trend: Furniture environmental protection
Today, in our environmentally friendly green wind getting up fierce. In the cabinet industry, environmental protection is the primary concern. With the rapid development of science and technology, in the selection of products will have a "90" for more reference index, the choice of products will carefully review the product and instructions, and constantly ask the sales staff, and even home in the online search a serious search related information until the product will have a clear understanding of the purchase, before environmental issues have not been resolved is difficult to form impulse purchases. Therefore, the cabinet business must provide green products for these consumers.
Trend five: yearning for intelligent home life
With the growth of the digital age "90," the home of smart home and ultimately figure. Future home destined to intelligence, in addition to the current market can come into contact with the mood changing lighting, intelligent sweeping robot, it will also be more imaginative outside the home technology convenience "90" after their home life. Admittedly, the current smart cabinets and other household products are also popular and there are many problems, but the market perspective, this would be a piece of fat.



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