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BrandsHide value point is to build long-term survival of the cabinet business

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In the living standards continue to improve at the same time, consumer product requirements also will be more and more, just one aspect of the function can not meet consumer demand, but rather will be from the materials, environmental protection, design, functionality, innovation many factors to weigh the value of choice, then in the home industry, cabinet products are durable consumer goods, will be careful consideration of consumer choice, therefore, to build a strong product is the value of the spleen cabinet companies rely on long-term survival basis points.

With their own brand design is the core point cabinet companies

Well-known foreign brands more holistic cabinet design, design style uniform, have their own exclusive designer, on a quarterly basis to launch new products are innovative and of the brand while maintaining their own style. While domestic brands tend to follow the internationally famous brand fashions or trends in the market, plagiarism ingredients more, did not form their own brand of style cabinet. In a certain sense, the Chinese cabinet companies can achieve build market brand, strategic resources and capacity depends on the company owned. Design is the company's strategic resources, designed to promote the use of international and domestic market for Chinese cabinet brand awareness, recognition, thereby forging a strong brand, a Chinese cabinet business inevitable choice.

Cabinet on the need to strengthen the marketing network construction

Whether franchisee, dealer or broker Direct forms of domestic brand marketing network cabinets are relatively thin coverage in the brand, the number of sales outlets has the gap. The foreign brands tend to take the form of outlets, to establish their own marketing system, to ensure synchronization on the sale, which also can receive timely market feedback to improve the product. Channel development is one of the important means of cabinet companies in marketing, this model adapt to the current competitive market environment and ecological marketing. The so-called channels, is to focus on dealers, to maintain competition in the market is the terminal point of the network, manufacturers should pay attention to the dealer.

However, the dealer is not only limited resources, but also the ability to auto reference times uneven. With the decline of the industry average profit, so that enterprises rely on a single product, homogeneous product diversification and has been unable to meet consumer demand for personalized. At this time, corporate marketing products based on competitive strategy will do product planning, product family fight, the rhythm of a portfolio, or can not meet consumer demand.

Personalized design is to add sub-cabinet products

With the acceleration of the speed of information dissemination, domestic consumers, especially the young, high propensity to consume groups concerned about the increasingly high fashion, and willing to follow the international trend, more inclined to let the living environment of art and humane. Therefore, the cabinet business with special attention to the subtle, humane, intelligent, fashion and design requirements of products, increase the added value of products to meet the individual needs of some customers, while developing the market to match the personalized sales price to determine the company's superior products and its style, foreign enterprises into competitive and promotional spots.

Consumer marketing is the soul of the cabinet

With the improvement of living standards, consumers will be more mature and rational, individual consumer is increasingly clear that consumer initiative, the increasing selectivity, consumers will eventually become the cabinet market "master." Under such conditions, only wanted to "God" are thinking not only of the business out of the market, it is foreseeable, whose products to meet consumer diversified, multi-level realities and needs of potential demand of consumers who will be able to obtain hands that Baogui of "votes." Enterprises must distinguish it can effectively serve, the most promising market segments profit, in-depth potential, intensive cultivation. Behind any market demand are hidden can be subdivided further clarify the potential and possibilities of enterprises in the face of the established market demand is never inaction.

Consumers Cabinet changes, which also prompted a cabinet companies must continue to progress. In an era of ever-changing, the order not to be eliminated, it must adapt to the times change. The only constant is that cabinet companies bear in mind the consumer what to do, and then to work around this requirement, in order into a disadvantage. In short, in the future, from a single channel to enhance the development of the service concept, the terminal, product, brand interaction, effective collaboration is the only way cabinet brand marketing.



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